Add the Legacy Series policy from
CompliMed to any Medical Aid plan
within South Africa

for only R414 per family per month (under the age of 65)

If you are a Medical Aid member looking to save on your existing Gap Cover premiums
while enjoying a range of comprehensive benefits, then the Legacy Series from CompliMed is the
right choice for you. The Legacy Series significantly enhances your in-hospital Medical Scheme
benefits built into one policy, including cover for oncology and biological drug treatment.

CompliMed Legacy Series Monthly premium:

R414 per family for under 65yrs

R592 per family for 65yrs+

Overall Annual Limit (OAL) - R198 660 per insured per annum

Don't pay too much for your Gap cover.
Sometimes best, can cost you less!

Benefits of a CompliMed Gap Cover

1. Potential savings on your current gap cover contributions

2. Our cover is not medical aid specific and can therefore be added to most medical aid plans in SA

3. CompliMed is independent. Why would you want to choose a gap cover plan from your medical scheme that created the shortfall in the first place?

4. We now offer a Breast Cancer Prevention and Breast Cancer Reconstruction cover to our range of benefits.

5. CompliMed are pioneers of the gap cover industry is SA and have been a trusted gap cover provider since 2003.

Who is CompliMed?

We have been pioneers of Gap Cover policy distribution in South Africa since 2003.
CompliMed® believes that it is essential for your financial protection and peace of mind
that every medical aid member has a comprehensive and affordable policy.

We promise to help you prepare for your time of need by offering an exceptional customer
experience by offering you gap cover products that are:
- Comprehensive, affordable and fairly priced
- Easy to understand and sign-up for
- Simple to claim from

Benefits of our Legacy Series Gap Cover

Please note: The products offered are not a medical scheme and the cover is not equivalent to that of a medical scheme. These products are not a substitute for a medical scheme membership but rather serve to cover the shortfall in your medical scheme. Learn more about gap cover.

In-Hospital Benefits

In-Hospital and Out-Of-Hospital Benefits

Out-Of-Hospital Benefits

Added Benefits

In-hospital dental cover

Get Covered Online in Minutes

Waiting Periods

    - A 3-month general waiting period applies to all benefits (except in the event of an accident, which occurred while on the Policy). In the event the commencement date of the Policy is the same as the commencement date of the Medical Scheme, no 3-month general waiting period will apply to Medical Expense Shortfall Cover (increasing the medical aid rate up to 600%)

    - A 10-month waiting period on pregnancy/childbirth

    - A 12-month waiting period on investigations, treatment or surgery for: hysterectomy, hysteroscopies, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and fibroids (myomectomy), muscular-skeletal (except in the event of an accident, which occurred while on the Policy), tonsillectomy, myringotomy, grommets, adenoids, wisdom teeth, hernia, cataracts, gastroscopies, colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopy, cancer, nasal and sinus.

Waiting Period Concessions

Existing policy Transfers

    • Waiting period concessions will apply should your existing policy be in force for a period of 12 months and longer.

NB: Please be advised that proof of current cover will need to be provided when applying for a CompliMed® policy, to avoid any new waiting periods being applied.

The CompliMed® Promise

CompliMed exists to make Gap Cover as affordable and accessible as possible to South African Medical Aid members.

We promise to help you prepare for your time of need by offering exceptional customer service and comprehensive Gap Cover products that are fairly priced, easy to sign up for and simple to claim from.

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I wish to thank Complimed for paying the estimated total shortfall of R 75000 I incurred during my last stay in hospital. It was very easy to submit claims and I always got a speedy response to all my queries. Thank you Complimed for your excellent service. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family as I have been doing thus far.

-Thileshni Pather Nair

The recent birth of our son called for unexpected medical emergencies. CompliMed® far exceeded my expectations by taking away the stress of all our shortfalls with efficiency and excellent customer service.

- Duran Doorasamy

We’ve been with CompliMed® for over 10 years and can honestly say that our gap cover policy has paid out thousands of Rand’s in medical aid shortfalls that would have otherwise have been paid by us.

- Brian & Ros

My wife recently gave birth to our baby boy, and as such there were a lot of unexpected expenses that came along with it, which was charged above the medical aid rate, thankfully we have gap cover by Complimed, which assisted us in settling these extra expenses, the claims process was so easy and stress free, which was done online, all of our multiple claims were settled, within a matter of days.

- Luke & Azariah

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