Group Gap Cover

Protect your staff and company with Employer Group Gap Cover

Most organisations recognise their staff as their most valuable asset. CompliMed® Employer Group Gap Cover helps you provide affordable, comprehensive shortfall cover for your employees, ensuring they are looked after in their times of need.

Provide your staff with peace of mind

It's no secret that employee benefits contribute to the happiness, productivity and well-being of employees. Increasingly so, organisations now need to make sure that the employee benefit program also has a direct link to furthering the organisations success. One of the best ways to achieve this is to help ensure your staff stay stress-free and healthy in their time with you.

Gap Cover is an excellent and practical way to do this, as it could alleviate a financial burden on your staff and allows employees to get the care they need in order to recover quickly and stay productive.

Employees often choose to not get medical care when they need it, simply because they can't afford it. This has a direct impact on company productivity and results in absenteeism or poor performance. Yearly medical scheme rate increases are also putting pressure on employees, even with company benefit subsidies.

Employee Group Gap Cover is where the Employer group contracts with CompliMed and elects to provide gap cover benefits to their employees. The Employer will make payment on behalf of all their participating employees every month, either by debit order or via an electronic fund transfer.

Employer groups may qualify for a reduction in their premium rate as well as a waiver of any waiting periods. These concessions are based on the size and demographics of each group and these terms will be disclosed at the time of requesting a quote.

If you are interested in our Employer Group Gap Cover, please email brett.d@complimed.co.za for more information.

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The CompliMed® Promise

CompliMed exists to make Gap Cover as affordable and accessible as possible to South African Medical Aid members.

We promise to help you prepare for your time of need by offering exceptional customer service and comprehensive Gap Cover products that are fairly priced, easy to sign up for and simple to claim from.

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I wish to thank Complimed for paying the estimated total shortfall of R 75000 I incurred during my last stay in hospital. It was very easy to submit claims and I always got a speedy response to all my queries. Thank you Complimed for your excellent service. I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family as I have been doing thus far.

-Thileshni Pather Nair

The recent birth of our son called for unexpected medical emergencies. CompliMed® far exceeded my expectations by taking away the stress of all our shortfalls with efficiency and excellent customer service.

- Duran Doorasamy

We’ve been with CompliMed® for over 10 years and can honestly say that our gap cover policy has paid out thousands of Rand’s in medical aid shortfalls that would have otherwise have been paid by us.

- Brian & Ros

My wife recently gave birth to our baby boy, and as such there were a lot of unexpected expenses that came along with it, which was charged above the medical aid rate, thankfully we have gap cover by Complimed, which assisted us in settling these extra expenses, the claims process was so easy and stress free, which was done online, all of our multiple claims were settled, within a matter of days.

- Luke & Azariah

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