About CompliMed®

The CompliMed® Purpose

Medical Professionals could charge you 5x more than what your Medical Aid will pay for...

It's lesser-known facts like this that have kept CompliMed® passionately involved in the Gap Cover industry since 2003. As pioneers of Gap Cover policy distribution in South Africa, CompliMed® believes that it is essential for your protection and peace of mind that every medical aid member has a comprehensive and affordable policy.

Why We Exist

We believe Gap Cover is essential for every medical aid member in South Africa. We have seen the negative impact that a severe financial shortfall can have on individuals and families, and exist to make Gap Cover as affordable, accessible and convenient as possible.

By achieving this, we provide our clients with peace of mind and necessary help in times of need.

Our Brand Promise

We promise to help you prepare for your time of need by offering exceptional customer service and comprehensive Gap Cover products that are:

  • Affordable and fairly priced
  • Easy to understand and sign-up for
  • Simple to claim from

The CompliMed® Story

Successfully covering shortfalls since 2003

Since the early 2000's the name CompliMed® has become synonymous with Gap Cover in South Africa. Starting off as an original product provider, we distributed our range of Gap Cover products through health-care providers country-wide.

With a background in financial management the CompliMed® founders identified a need for effective wide-spread Gap Cover policy distribution. Having seen the stress and negative impact medical scheme shortfalls had on their clients, they set out to challenge the existing industry through a set of new products that provided comprehensive cover at a reasonable rate to as many people as possible.

Our value-proposition was simple and effective: we offered quality, value-driven products at affordable prices ...for the Gap in your medical aid! With the added benefit of being able to administer our own policies we were able to offer our brokers and their clients exceptional after-sales service that was hard to challenge by any of our competitors.

As the market became more aware of how necessary Gap Cover was we grew from strength to strength nationwide, and saw particular success in the KwaZulu-Natal area.

A lot has changed since then, and in 2013 an operational change marked our withdrawal from policy administration. By 2016 CompliMed® was no longer involved with it's original client-base, and took time to consolidate and explore new opportunities. Fast-forward to 2018 and we are now launching in a new direction - offering our own brand of Gap Cover products to clients, available to sign-up for and claim from online.

The original CompliMed® philosophy and passion remains - offering good quality Gap Cover products at affordable prices, now with the added convenience of online accessibility and availability.

CompliMed® ...for the GAP in your medical aid!

Notable moments in our history

2003: Pioneering the distribution of Gap Cover policies in South Africa

2006: The CompliMed® brand is born

2009: CompliMed® sponsors their first MTB race, The Gateway Gauntlet (A race in and around and through the Gateway Mall!)

2010: CompliMed® and staff involved in a “classroom makeover” initiative introduced to us by The Domino Foundation.

2011-2013: CompliMed® continues to grow its brand by sponsoring various MTB and triathlon events in and around KZN

2012: CompliMed® together with its logos is registered as a trademark

2016: CompliMed® is no longer involved in the activities of its contracted brokers or their clients

2017: CompliMed® assists African Unity Health establish and grow its independent broker distribution channel

2018: CompliMed® relaunches with a new product-line and an easy-to-use online Gap Cover sign-up process

CompliMed® Values


We believe life is better when it's kept simple. We say what we do and do what we say without over-complicating things for ourselves or our clients.


Family values are the cornerstone of our organisation - we're proudly small and ensure that each of our clients and partners feels like they belong.


We aspire to be exactly who we present ourselves to be - trustworthy, straight-forward and genuinely passionate about our clients well-being.

CEO Biography

Brett Daniel is the Executive Director and major shareholder of CompliMed®. Together with Peter Hyman they built up the CompliMed® business from virtually nothing in 2003 to where it became a powerhouse within the Gap Cover industry by the end of 2013.

Brett has been involved in the financial services industry for 27 years, starting out at Old Mutual in 1991. 10 years later he joined an independent financial brokerage where he was soon given the opportunity to explore the opportunities of selling Gap Cover to medical aid members. In 2006 Brett and Peter took over the entity, changed the name to CompliMed® and moved to new premises in Pinetown where the business ran successfully for many years.

Brett is married to Kerry and they have 2 boys. Brett is a keen golfer, and when time allows, you might find him on the fairways, or bush, of one of the golf courses along the KZN North Coast.

Brett Daniel - Gap Cover

CompliMed® Gap Cover

Simple, affordable and comprehensive Gap Cover

As a medical aid member, you cannot afford to not have a Gap Cover policy that is designed to cover almost every possible medical scheme shortfall.

Our affordable Gap Cover product - Legacy Series - provide the modern South African medical aid member with peace of mind and comprehensive cover.

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Protect your staff and business with our affordable and comprehensive Employer Group Gap Cover Solutions.

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