Introducing Legacy Series – Exercise Your Freedom To Choose

The Legacy Series – Exercise Your Freedom to Choose

The year 2020 promises to bring with it much of the same…death and destruction, doom and gloom, more tax, less money, higher prices, lower take-home pay, and the list goes on. This coupled with the news that our government wishes to introduce their new NHI proposal in 2026, could have you mistakenly thinking that only “no news could be good news!”

Well, CompliMed is pleased to bring you some good news for a change with the introduction of our very latest product called the Legacy Series. The Legacy Series policy offers you a comprehensive gap cover policy at an exceptionally reduced price.

Medical Expense Shortfall Cover - Gap Cover Legacy Series

CompliMed has been able to negotiate preferential terms with our business partners that have allowed us to tailor-make a plan that will suit both new and existing gap cover policyholders alike. Comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover, co-payments, non-network hospital penalty cover and a host of other benefits will ensure that you and your dependents are provided with the peace of mind knowing that a future in-hospital procedure will not leave you with a large financial shortfall.

Gap cover or medical expense shortfall cover is regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes and falls under the Accident and Health Policy of the Short Term Insurance Act 53 of 1998. What this means is that your policy is in effect a short term insurance policy that is annually renewable. Although the date of commencement of your particular policy may fall between February and December, all policies are renewed on the 1st of January of every year. You, therefore, have the option of either renewing your policy for another year with the same provider or terminating your policy with that provider and moving your cover to another.

Having the ability to move your policy to another provider without incurring any serious penalties allows you to shop around for the best available deals, at the end of every year. This should make CompliMed’s Legacy Series policy very appealing, especially as you’re now able to transact online, when either applying for your policy initially or when needing to submit your future claims, later on.

Exercise your freedom of choice and opt for CompliMed’s Legacy Series policy today; you won’t be disappointed.