Life After Lockdown – Living Life Online

Life after Lockdown – Living Life Online

It’s a thought in most people’s minds right now – what happens after lockdown? The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has taught us one thing at least – how to live our lives more remotely. Had this happened in the 70s or 80s, we would have relied on radio and newspapers to keep us up to date on world events. Fortunately, we’re now living in the 21st century, an age of technology, where everything is available online. Well, almost everything. Not only are we able to view news and current events in real-time on our phones, but we get to communicate with friends and family using the same device. Arranging online meetings is now a cinch and we can, of course, purchase almost everything online too. What’s more, we can do all this while enjoying the comfort of our own couch.

after lockdown

Let’s face it, nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with our fellow human beings. Right? However, technology has allowed us to perform a lot of these interactions remotely. Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. So long as the consumer demands it, the business community will need to adapt to this by offering more of their products and services online.

Innovative Thinking

There will always be those businesses that offer a product or service that cannot be ordered and “consumed” online. The likes of the travel and tourism industry spring to mind, as well as car wash services and auto-repair garages. However, they may need to change their thinking. Tourism services could consider offering virtual tours and accommodation packages perhaps?! On the flip side, there are those businesses that will thrive in the online arena, where technology allows them to offer an improved experience to their customers.

Businesses will need to be innovative in their thinking. They would need to create a platform where clients can have access to as much product information as they want and need. This would then allow them to make an informed decision before making their purchase online.

Complimed’s Excellent Online Offering

After Lockdown

CompliMed has always looked for ways to improve on our customers’ experience and we believe that our website does just that. We’ve created a website that allows a potential client to access more than enough information. We discuss gap cover in general as well as offer great info on our gap cover product. You can find out how the product benefits would work in practice, what you would pay in premiums and who qualifies for cover under the policy. We also have precise information on the waiting periods that may apply to your policy, and a whole lot more. Additionally, the Complimed website allows a client to apply for their policy online, and submit their claims using the online claims portal. All this makes the CompliMed offering very appealing.

It’s clearly evident that the way we do life current/post-lockdown may look a little different. Exercising at home will replace the use of the local gym. Buying your own coffee machine will replace your daily visit to the corner coffee shop. Buying clothes and shoes will happen online after visiting your local pop-up store for sizing. Working remotely more often, virtual travel, home delivery of groceries and essential items. These may become the new normal. Who knows, the humble caravan may become the vehicle of choice for the post-pandemic generation of holidaymakers!  

CompliMed, an affordable, simple to understand and easy approach to answering your gap cover needs.