NHI – To Be or Not To Be

NHI – To be or not to be…

Although Hamlet was referring to something a little different, the question he asks can be applied to the very real issue we as South African medical aid members are faced with today with the impending implementation of an NHI system (National Health Insurance).

It would appear that this question has already been answered if the current Minister of Health is anything to go by. According to the minister, NHI will be integrated into our current private healthcare system and fully operational by 2026. That’s less than 7 years away!

We all agree that creating a healthcare system in South Africa that can better serve the whole population, rather than just a small segment thereof, is of utmost importance. However, where we may differ in our thinking, is the manner in which this can be achieved. One would have thought that creating a vibrant, efficient and world-class public healthcare service first, would’ve been a great place to start! 

Be that as it may, how does the minister’s 2026 NHI proposal affect medical aid members today? The short answer is, “It doesn’t.” We can continue to enjoy the privilege and benefits of belonging to a private medical aid plan, until further notice (Read – the year 2026). Together with your medical aid plan, a CompliMed gap cover policy will give you the peace of mind, knowing that any future in-hospital procedures will be covered in full.

CompliMed continues to strive to provide medical aid members with the means to best protect themselves against potential in-hospital procedure shortfalls. Currently, a short-term insurance policy underwritten by a reputable insurer and administered by an efficient administrator is still the most viable option in order to achieve this.

CompliMed looks for innovative ways in which to make our product range easily accessible to medical aid members from all around South Africa. By creating the facility for new members to apply for their policy online, while existing members can use the online portal to submit their claims, makes CompliMed the obvious choice.